(Re)inhabiting Russian Avant-Garde

2011, Book publishing, 100 Copies

(Re)inhabiting Russian Avant-Garde
Archiproba Magazine Issue 3: (Re)inhabiting Russian Avant-Garde / Editor Muradova Tamara / Published by Archiproba / Moscow 2011
This issue is part of a research work of Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design curated by Rem Koolhaas (AMO) 2011
A special issue of the Archiproba magazine was prepared about the mass architecture of the 1920s in Moscow, which even Muscovites themselves have no idea about. Tamara Muradova herself was born in one of these houses and, from the very beginning of her training at Strelka, she decided to research the problem of heritage preservation under the guidance of theme director Rem Koolhaas. At the center of the project is the architecture of the constructivist residential complex on Usachevka.
"I think that it is not the architecture that should be preserved, it should simply be maintained, but the spirit of the place." - Tamara Muradova
“My research has a loud name “AVANT-GARDE” - I lured the public with it. In fact, the theme sounds like this - "Mass architecture of the 20s", these are such proto-microdistricts of what later appeared under Khrushchev. I talked about this phenomenon of high-quality mass architecture, which still functions perfectly, but for some reason is excluded from people's consciousness. I wanted to fill this gap, so the result of the project is a media campaign. Since I had experience creating a magazine, I thought why not do it in this format.”